Administrative Services


Division of Administrative Services

The Division of Administrative Services is headed by a Director, who is accountable to the Director-General of the United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON) and, within the established delegation of authority, is also responsible to the Under Secretary-General for Management for ensuring that all regulations, rules and instructions of the Organization pertaining to administrative matters are followed Read More >>

Budget and Financial Management Service

The Budget and Financial Management Service (BFMS) is responsible for the management of the financial resources of and for the provision of financial and accounting services to, the United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON) and its clients, primarily UNEP and UN-Habitat. Read More >>

Human Resources Management Service

The Human Resources Management Service manages a comprehensive personnel programme for nearly 2,000 employees working around the world for UNEP, UN-Habitat and UNON. As well as acting as the custodian of the United Nations' human resources policies and ensuring that all staff worldwide receive the optimum services and support. Read More >>

Facilities Management and Transportation Section

Among UNON's key support services is the Facilities Management and Transportation Section, which is responsible for maintaining a comfortable and efficient working environment at Gigiri - both for the benefit of the complex's 1,660 employees as well as for tens of thousands of visitors each year. Read More >>

Commercial Operations Unit

The Commercial Operations Unit supervises the operations of a variety of businesses providing employees at Gigiri with a wide range of duty-free goods and modern entertainment facilities. These include the complex's well-stocked Commissary, a gift shop, the Read More >>

Host Country Relations Unit

The Host Country Relations Unit handles all official arrangements for UNEP, UN-Habitat and UNON staff ensuring that each individual is properly registered with the authorities and aware of all the tax breaks and other privileges to which they are entitled. Read More >>

Joint Medical Service

The UN Joint Medical service is an occupational health unit. It is responsible for medical clearances for new appointments, travel clearances including vaccination and issues of occupational health. It also offers a drop in service for advice and treatment. With the recent appointment of a full-time doctor at Gigiri, the UN Joint Medical Service today offers the comforting presence of on-site medical advice and treatment, alongside Read More >>

Information and Communication Technology Services

UNON's information and communication technology services is responsible for managing and maintaining a secure and reliable high-class IT backbone at Gigiri, which enables employees to stay in touch with colleagues around the world, as well as enabling Read More >>

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