COVID-19 response in Kenya

United Nations Agencies in Kenya are giving their full support to the Government of Kenya in the fight against COVID-19.

We believe that with simple, fact-based hygiene measures as the main weapon, Kenya and other African nations can slow the spread of COVID-19, flatten the curve, and beat this global pandemic.

We are working with governments, international donors and the private sector to redeploy existing resources and mobilise additional funding to support the national COVID-19 response, as well as working directly with the Ministry of Health and other government agencies to support their response via both embedded United Nations experts and the global capacity and knowledge base of the wider United Nations family.

From supporting essential workers and populations in the nation’s informal settlements and refugee camps with health and hygiene information and supplies, to working with journalists and media outlets to spread the word on COVID-19 prevention and preparedness, and monitoring the impact of the pandemic on human rights and gender-based violence, UN agencies are adapting their existing activities and launching new initiatives to help Kenya meet this global challenge.