UN Statement on Kenya Elections

The United Nations welcomes the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) initiative to have dialogue with representatives of Jubilee and National Super Alliance (NASA) to discuss the preparations for the fresh presidential election.

Free, transparent and credible elections are the only democratic ways to enable Kenyans choose their leaders. The United Nations, therefore, strongly encourages Jubilee party, NASA and the electorate to participate in the planned election on 26 October 2017.

The United Nations urges the parties to recommit themselves to dialogue and to seek consensus based solutions to their differences as the most appropriate means to pave way to a free, transparent and credible election in conformity with the Constitution and existing electoral laws.

The responsibility for successful elections lies not just with the electoral management body but with the entire range of stakeholders, from political parties, their supporters, civil society and to voters at large.

The United Nations commends the IEBC for its efforts, thus far, to prepare for a fresh presidential election as directed by the Supreme Court; and further calls on all political parties and stakeholders to cooperate with the IEBC in this regard. In a meeting held this morning with IEBC, the UN in Kenya encouraged the Commission to create the most favorable conditions for the holding of a free, transparent and credible election.

The United Nations appeals to all stakeholders to respect the independence of constitutionally mandated institutions, especially the IEBC and the Judiciary.

 The United Nations further reminds all stakeholders of their obligations to uphold the rule of law and respect human rights, including peaceful protest and protection of life and property.

Elections are held against national constitutions and other laws as well as international obligations and commitments. Against this background, the United Nations reaffirms its continued support to the electoral process in Kenya, in line with its values and principles including impartiality.


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